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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Midtown AtlantaThe workers’ compensation system was created, in part, out of recognition of the fact that even when safety measures are put into place, accidents will occur on the job. In some industries, work-related injuries and illnesses are relatively common occurrences, despite the fact that a myriad of Georgia and U.S. laws aim to protect workers. Some of these accidents occur due to unsafe spaces, while others happen because equipment malfunctions, toxins are released, and a host of other hazards generally affect American job sites. Unfortunately, one of these hazards is other people. In the United States, it is sadly common for workplaces to be disrupted by intentional violent acts, whether from an outside attacker, a disgruntled customer or a coworker.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that it receives more than 2 million reports each year from workers who have been injured as the result of workplace violence. This number may be undercounting the problem, as many acts of workplace violence are simply not reported. Know that if you’ve been harmed by another person while on the job, you don’t have to suffer in silence and you don’t have to suffer alone. Instead, you can work with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer Midtown Atlanta residents trust. After learning about your specific circumstances, the team at Tillman & Associates can help you to explore your legal options and help you to obtain any compensation that you’re entitled to. 

As you’re preparing for a consultation with our Midtown Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer, please consider the following. This information on what constitutes workplace violence and whether such acts are compensable under workers’ compensation laws may inspire some questions. Please write your questions down so that you can reference them during our meeting. Helping to clarify your situation, advocating on your behalf, and granting you peace of mind whenever possible is our honor and privilege. 

Defining Violence in the Workplace

Acts of physical violence are obviously included in this category. But workplace violence can also include threats and intimidation, harassment, verbal abuse, property damage and similar acts. Essentially, workplace violence is any act that intentionally causes physical injury, threatens injury or causes fear of injury in the workplace.

Who is Most at Risk?

Violence is permeating workplaces across the United States. But currently, these types of workers are most at risk:

  •  Healthcare professionals (due to disgruntled patients and family members)
  •  Law enforcement officers (interactions with suspects, etc.)
  •  School teachers, administrators, and staff (due to school shootings and other acts)
  •  Cashiers, retail employees, bank tellers, etc. (proximity to money and risk of robbery)
  •  Delivery drivers
  •  Public service workers
  •  Anyone who works alone in semi-public places (such as hotel room cleaners)

Workers’ Compensation and Other Legal Claims

Generally speaking, workers’ compensation insurers are required to cover injuries resulting from acts of workplace violence unless the violence was related to a personal matter of the employee(s) involved. For instance, a physical fight between two coworkers who had previously been in a romantic relationship might not be covered, depending on the circumstances surrounding the altercation. By contrast, if the injured worker had no causal connection to the violence but suffered it simply because he or she happened to work there at the time, the injuries would likely be covered.

Depending on where you live and the facts of your case, you may alternately or additionally pursue a third-party lawsuit against the attacker. If the person who committed violence was from outside your company or organization, for instance, you might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against him or her (in addition to any criminal charges that might apply). Our Midtown Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can advise you of whether this course of action makes sense in your case. 

Have Questions? Contact Us for Answers

Workplace violence is unfortunately common, but seeking workers’ compensation in these cases is still relatively unfamiliar territory to most workers. An experienced Midtown Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can be an invaluable resource for information and advocacy. To get answers to your questions as well as help filing a claim, simply contact our law firm to speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer Midtown Atlanta trusts.

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