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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Fulton County, GAOn-the-job injuries and accidents are an unfortunate part of working life. Although nearly all work environments have gotten safer over the years, the number of accidents that occur on American job sites annually remains high. According to the National Safety Council, there are 4.6 million workplace injuries per year in the United States. That breaks down to 12,600 injuries per day, or one injury every seven seconds. However, injury rates are not spread evenly among all types of work. Certain industries are simply more dangerous than others. Workers’ compensation coverage extends to most workers in most industries. However, you’re more likely to need to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer Fulton County, GA trusts if you work in an inherently dangerous industry because you’re more likely to be hurt while on the job. If you have been harmed in a work accident, regardless of the industry you work in, the team at Tillman & Associates can help you to sort out your legal options so that you can make an informed decision about your options moving forward. 

Which Jobs Have the Highest Accident Rates?

Below are the five industries with the most workplace injuries (serious enough to result in lost work days) in Georgia and throughout the U.S.:

  • Service Workers: This category includes workers in the service and hospitality industries, but it also includes police and firefighters.
  • Transportation and shipping: Car accidents are consistently a leading source of workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities. In addition to car accidents, however, workers in the transportation and shipping industries are also likely to suffer injuries stemming from lifting/overexertion, Slips/trips and falls, contact with objects and equipment and other common hazards. Some workers believe that motor vehicle accidents are exempt from workers’ compensation protections but many are not. An experienced Fulton County, GA workers’ compensation attorney can review your specific case if your work-related injury occurred while you were on the road. 
  • Manufacturing and production: Georgia has a strong manufacturing and industrial sector. Unfortunately, these workers are at significant risk of workplace injuries like those mentioned above.
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair: These are the workers who fix our broken machines and install the amenities that keep us comfortable. Some travel to homes and businesses, others run repair shops. As such, they face both the hazards of motor vehicle travel and the unexpected hazards of unfamiliar working environments (homes and other businesses).
  • Construction: This has always been dangerous work, and likely will always be dangerous. The hazards of the job are numerous. If you work in construction as an independent contractor and aren’t eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, our Fulton County, GA workers’ compensation attorney can help you explore alternative legal options. 

Hospital workers and nursing home workers:  

Why Employers Should Focus on Prevention

On-the-job injuries are obviously not a desirable outcome for either workers or employers. In fact, employers should strive to prevent accidents simply because they care about the health and wellbeing of their workers. But there are other economic reasons to care as well.

Serious injuries require time away from work, and that costs a lot of money in lost wages and productivity. In 2017, companies lost 104 million in production days because of work-related injuries. Think about how much more productive and profitable companies could be if they invested in safety initiatives and accident prevention instead of just addressing problems after they happen.

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