Workers’ Comp Lawyer Atlanta, GA Workers' Comp Lawyer Atlanta, GA

A workers comp lawyer Atlanta, GA accident victims, recommend shares that suffering a work-related injury can impact someone who has been in an accident. While workers’ compensation insurance can undoubtedly provide many benefits, there are various reasons to contact Tillman & Associates Attorneys at Law. Having an experienced professional carefully review your case and strategize the next steps can help provide you with the financial relief you deserve. Don’t hesitate to receive the support and direction needed for your case by getting started as soon as possible. 

Workers Comp Cases

When a worker has been injured while on the job, injuries can leave a significant impact; sometimes, a worker may even experience losses, such as lost wages or expenses from medical care. While this can undoubtedly benefit a worker who has suffered a work-related injury, it may not make up for all of your losses. Workers’ compensation is required by law in many states. It ultimately has two purposes: preventing financial ruin for employers who must face litigation and reducing the financial burden on accident victims. While this may be beneficial in many situations, in others, it may be in your best interest to reach out to a lawyer.

Reasons to Call a Lawyer

In some cases, it may not be necessary to contact a lawyer. If your injuries were relatively minor and medical care was minimal, or you missed very little time from work, the damages could be relatively minor. In such situations, you may not require a workers’ comp lawyer in Atlanta, GA. However, in some cases, contacting a lawyer will be critical: 

  • Your employer is disputing your injuries
  • Your claim has been denied
  • You have suffered extensive damages
  • You are unable to return to the workplace
  • You have been permanently injured in the accident
  • Your employer was grossly negligent or caused intentional harm
  • Your employer does not have workers compensation insurance
  • You have a third party claim 

If your lawyer believes you have a case, they may work on a contingency fee basis in many cases. This means that they will not get paid for their services unless they can secure compensation for your losses. This makes consulting with a lawyer and taking legal action more accessible than accident victims may realize. 

Scheduling a Complimentary Evaluation of Your Case

As a prospective client, you may be wondering whether it will be vital that you meet with a lawyer before retaining their services. While you will certainly be eager to get started, finding the right lawyer will be critical, and to achieve this, it will be necessary to conduct the proper research. Scheduling a complimentary consultation offered at many area law firms will provide clients with the opportunity to get a feel for the law firm, ask case-specific questions and learn more about services offered and possible directions for the case. Many law firms offer complimentary consultations to encourage those considering legal action the opportunity to receive legal advice they can count on. 

Tillman & Associates Attorneys at Law have the experience and tenacity needed to support their clients in ensuring that their rights are protected. Let us help you get started so that you are not left to face the legal process on your own. Schedule your complimentary consultation with our Atlanta, Georgia workers comp lawyer to take your case in the right direction.