Though you may have heard of frivolous lawsuits, you may not be familiar with exactly what they are. A frivolous lawsuit is one that from a legal perspective does not have a reasonable chance of winning in court. While it’s true that such a determination may be a matter of opinion, there are certain recognized guidelines that a court considers when determining if a lawsuit is frivolous. A car accident lawyer is expected to uphold this threshold when deciding whether or not to accept a client’s case.

A clear example of a frivolous lawsuit would be suing a driver for causing a client’s accident because that driver had such an outrageous hairstyle that it was distracting to other motorists. Many other lawsuits might be considered frivolous for less obvious reasons.

The defendant is the most likely to disagree with the opinion of whether or not a lawsuit is frivolous. For example, if you were injured in a car accident because of a defective car part, the manufacturer may claim that your lawsuit is frivolous. They may do this even if you suffered significant damages. They will often use this excuse simply to try to get the case dismissed and therefore not be liable for paying compensation to the victim. If the plaintiff’s car accident lawyer does not present a strong case to the court, the judge may agree with the defendant and dismiss the case.

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The Role that Courts Play in Determining the Strength of a Case

When a lawyer submits a lawsuit to the court, the assigned judge has the authority to terminate the lawsuit or “throw it out of court” if they deem it frivolous. If this should occur, the judge may warn the attorney who filed the lawsuit that they should not waste the court’s time again in such a manner. If the attorney were to exhibit a pattern of filing frivolous lawsuits, the court has the authority to formerly sanction the lawyer. The sanction’s terms will vary according to the judge and the situation it could potentially be very serious.

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