Types of Workplace Accidents

At Tillman & Associates, we believe that victims of all types of workplace accidents deserve the assistance of a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer when they are hurt on the job. From our office in Atlanta, we represent workers all over Georgia.

Our representative clients include:

Construction workers — Construction sites are hazardous, and even the most careful workers can suffer serious injuries. We are here to help.
Industrial workers — Industrial environments, heavy equipment and defective products can all contribute to industrial accidents.
Law enforcement officials — These workers keep the rest of us safe. We feel that providing police officers, emergency responders and firefighters with strong representation is a duty and an honor.
Manufacturing workers — Workers in manufacturing facilities put their bodies on the line to perform their jobs, and they deserve proper compensation when accidents happen.
Office workers — Office workers are vulnerable to a range of injuries, including falls, repetitive motion injuries and back problems caused by heavy lifting.
Nurses and other hospital workers — We frequently represent health care workers, including nurses, nursing assistants and therapists who have been injured in the course of caring for patients.
Truckers and other commercial drivers — Professional drivers face a multitude of risks on the road, and accident claims can be complicated. We have the experience and knowledge to protect the rights of commercial drivers.
Carpenters — Carpentry is dangerous work, and we are committed to helping carpenters and contractors protect their rights and pursue fair compensation.
Electricians — Electrical workers face hazardous conditions every day. We assist employees affected by burns, shocks and other electrical injuries.
Service industry professionals — We have decades of experience representing service industry workers, including employees at hotels, restaurants, retail stores and public transportation providers.

Contact Us For A Consultation

Our attorneys welcome you to join us at our Atlanta, Georgia, office for a free consultation. We also travel to represent workers in other parts of the state. To arrange a time to talk about your workplace injury, please contact us via email, or call 404-315-0000 or 800-743-3994 toll free.