Traumatic Amputation Attorney Georgia

traumatic amputation attorney GeorgiaIf you have lost a limb due to work-related activity, please connect with a traumatic amputation attorney Georgia trusts, and please do so as soon as you can. Depending on a few different factors – including your worker classification and the circumstances that led to your work-related injuries – you may be entitled to one or more forms of significant compensation. Securing this compensation can help to ensure that you remain able to receive the medical care you’ll require moving forward. It will also help to ensure that the financial consequences of your injury are greatly minimized. Finally, if you are no longer able to perform your essential job functions due to the amputation, speaking with an attorney and filing appropriate claims will better ensure that you receive any job retraining and transitional assistance to which you’re entitled.

When Job-Related Harm Leads to an Amputation

One of the primary reasons why it’s so important to speak with amputation attorneys Georgia injury victims trust is that you may have more legal options available to you in the wake of a work-related accident than you might be initially led to believe. If you are classified as a full-time or part-time employee (or if you have been misclassified as an independent contractor, even though you do the work of an employee), you are almost certainly eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits regardless of how your injuries occurred or whose fault it was that you were hurt. The workers’ compensation system limits employer liability for harm that occurs while workers are on the job. Because employers can’t be sued directly for the harm that their workers suffer, injured workers are granted the right to receive workers’ compensation benefits when they sustain work-related injury, regardless of fault. Meaning, even if it was your fault that you were hurt, as long as you weren’t drunk, high, starting a fight, or trying to get hurt, you’ll qualify for medical, lost income, and job rehabilitation benefits.

If you’re ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits, you may be able to hold others accountable for causing your harm via a personal injury lawsuit. Employees eligible for workers’ comp benefits may also file personal injury lawsuits against third parties other than their employers. Personal injury compensation awards can be significant, especially when traumatic injuries result in the loss of life or limbs.  

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you haven’t yet scheduled a risk-free consultation with the experienced legal team at Tillman & Associates, please do so today. Our team will review your case, assess your legal options, and provide you with the information you’ll need to make informed decisions now and into the future. The financial consequences associated with a traumatic amputation can be too much for any family’s finances to bear. Speaking with a lawyer can help to ensure that you and your family remain financially stable in the wake of your accident. Please connect with our firm’s Georgia traumatic amputation attorney today to learn more about how we can assist you during this undeniably challenging time; we look forward to speaking with you.