Tool and Machinery Accident Attorney Georgia

Tool and Machinery Accident Attorney GeorgiaAccidents can happen for many different reasons. Some are due to our own mistakes, while others can come down to the negligence of somebody else’s actions. Tools and machinery are used by numerous people at their jobs and for the most part make their jobs easier. While this equipment may make the job easier, some injuries have been known to occur from accidents. If you have been affected by a tool and machinery manufacturing defect or a coworker using equipment negligently, then you may have the basis for a case against them. Contact a tool and machinery accident attorney Georgia, today from Tillman & Associates to get you started on your case. Compensation for your circumstance as well as other benefits could be what is awarded to you. 

Tool & Machinery Product Defect

Defects in a manufacturer’s product could cause an injury to a person. If a company doesn’t do adequate research and development or proper testing of their equipment, then the people using it could be susceptible to injury. Some of the equipment that could be defected leading to an injury are: 

  • Forklifts, loaders, & cranes
  • Drills, welding tools and other power tools
  • Construction equipment 
  • Motor Vehicles

These are just a few of the examples of tools and machinery that could cause an injury due to the neglect of its manufacturers. Our lawyers have experience in dealing with these cases and are ready to help you out if you have been affected. 

Negligence of Others

Negligence due to other people’s distractions or lack of knowledge about a tool or machine can also lead to injury. When someone is operating a machine that they do not have knowledge about, they could operate that machine in a manner that is reckless. Tools act in the same way. A coworker may be using a welding tool or power tool that needs their full attention, but periodically they are engaged in something else at the same time. They may inadvertently injure you by the tool from their own distraction. While accidents sometimes are accidents, others are clearly avoidable if some more preventative measures were used.  A tool and machinery accident attorney in Georgia from Tillman & Associates understands the different types of accidents and has the experience and skill to assist you with your case. Compensation may be awarded to you for your damages along with other possible benefits.

Contacting Legal Counsel

If you have been the victim of somebody else’s negligence that has left you with an injury, then having good legal counsel can help you out with the compensation you may be entitled to. Accidents happen every day, but many of them can be avoided. Companies from time to time rush their products to sell before they are properly tested, and our fellow coworkers or other individuals may have acted negligently leaving us with an injury. If you would like to begin your case, then contact a tool and machinery accident attorney in Georgia today from Tillman & Associates. We have the skill, experience, and knowledge to fight for your case and help you collect the compensation that you deserve.