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Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta MetroBeing tired much of the time is a given for most Americans. Very few of us feel like we get as much sleep as we’d like, although being under-rested isn’t necessarily dangerous for most people. That being said, severe or chronic lack of sleep is dangerous and can even put lives at risk. For instance, someone who drives while fatigued can greatly endanger their own safety as well as everyone else on the road.

Drowsy (fatigued) driving is essentially impaired driving, and studies have shown that it can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. It greatly slows reaction times, makes it much harder to focus and leads us to miss important visual and auditory cues on the road ahead of us. The National Safety Council warns that fatigued drivers are three times more likely to get into a car accident than drivers who are adequately rested. A driver who has been awake for 20 hours will be as impaired as someone with the blood-alcohol content of 0.08 percent, which is considered legally drunk in all states. Many fatal drowsy driving accidents have been tied to the trucking industry, as truckers have been pushed by employers to drive in ways that sacrifice necessary rest. If you’ve been involved in a drowsy driving accident while on the job (whether as a trucker or motorist, whether the accident was partially your fault or not) it’s important to connect with a personal injury lawyer Atlanta Metro residents trust. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to significant compensation. 

What Commercial Drivers Should Know About Fatigue

If you are a truck driver, delivery driver or otherwise drive professionally, fatigue is a workplace hazard that you need to understand and avoid whenever possible. There are certainly times when commercial drivers make bad choices and simply stay behind the wheel for too long at a stretch. But more often than not, commercial drivers are fatigued because they are being asked to meet unreasonable delivery deadlines, were delayed and needed to make up the time or were not given adequate safety training by their employer. In these cases, a drowsy driving accident is likely compensable under Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws. You may also want to anonymously report your employer for violating worker safety regulations. The Atlanta Metro personal injury lawyer and support team at Tillman & Associates can help you to explore your options.

Have You Been Seriously Injured by a Fatigued Driver?

Driving drowsy isn’t explicitly against the law like drunk driving is. However, every driver nonetheless owes a duty of care to every other driver on the road. If someone knowingly drives drowsy and causes a serious car accident, he or she has breached that duty of care and behaved negligently. As such, you may be able to hold the at-fault driver accountable in a personal injury lawsuit.

The possible defendants in the case will depend on the details of the accident. If the drowsy driver was someone driving a personal vehicle for personal travel, he or she will be named as a defendant (along with his or her insurance company). If the drowsy driver was a commercial driver, he or she will be named along with the employer and the commercial insurer.

As the victim of a serious accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. However, it’s generally not a good idea to make assumptions about your legal options and/or their potential outcomes until you’ve spoken to an Atlanta Metro personal injury lawyer. 

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