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An on-the-job injury lawyer Atlanta, GA residents trust from Tillman & Associates has helped many injured workers just like you or your loved one, who are struggling in some way because of a recent injury while at the workplace. When filing a workers’ compensation claim, we often tell potential clients that it is in your best interest to get legal guidance as your claim is being handled. An experienced team like ourselves can help you from start to finish, ensuring that your rights are not being violated.

Sadly, we have seen how employers purposely commit adverse actions, intentionally mishandling an employee’s claim, or offer too little benefits which cause the worker to have financial hardships. If you need assistance regarding an injury accident in the workplace, we strongly encourage you to contact Tillman & Associates today.

Trouble with Your Employer

We can imagine that tensions between you and an employer can weigh heavily and cause a great amount of stress. Many employees have faith in their employer and trust that they are going to be taken care of. Devastatingly, many employers have focused too much on the bottom dollar and left their workers to suffer both physically and financially. If your employer refuses to pay for necessary medical costs associated with a workplace injury, what is there left to do? Please know that if you are feeling uncertain and as if something is not quite right, that you should listen to this gut response and contact us for help right now.

If your workers’ compensation claim was denied, you didn’t get your benefits within a reasonably timely manner, or if the settlement amount didn’t cover all expenses, then we urge you to speak with a GA on-the-job injury lawyer in Atlanta now.

Retaliation in the Workplace

Retaliation can take on many forms and might be obvious or more subtle. An employer may take adverse action towards a worker as a way to seek revenge for pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. An employer may commit workplace retaliation by firing, demoting, or relocating the employee. Other ways that a worker may experience retaliation include, but are not limited to: 

  • Having to work in a hostile working environment
  • Being yelled at or harassed by an employer and/or coworkers
  • Not receiving or being considered for a promotional opportunity 
  • An employer purposefully mishandling the worker’s claim so it gets denied or benefits reduced, such as turning it in late, not completing the paperwork accurately, not reporting every detail of the incident or injury, etc.

If you are put on light duty does that mean your employer is retaliating? 

Not necessarily. In many instances, your employer may be required to put you on light duty. For example, if your physician has said that you are unable to return to your regular work, your employer may be required to put you on desk duty. If you work in construction or are often required to lift or carry heavy objects, your employer may give you more administrative tasks while you are healing. You should speak with your lawyer, but you may need to continue working on light duty so that you can receive workers’ compensation benefits.  

I don’t want my employer to retaliate against me. Should I avoid telling my supervisor about the injury? 

We do not believe this is a good idea. You will assuredly not be able to get workers’ compensation benefits if you do not report your injury to your employer. We understand that for some it is more difficult to report their injury, especially if their employer is not as understanding. However, if you do not report your injury, you run the risk of being viewed as a bad employee and you may exacerbate your injuries. 

What happens if my employer gives me a poor performance review? 

If you have filed for workers’ compensation, getting a poor performance review is one way that an employer may try to retaliate against you. A review like this could mean that you are fired, that you do not get the promotion you want, and it could affect your future at another job. If you believe a poor performance review is related to your workers’ compensation request, please reach out to your Georgia on-the-job injury lawyer now. 

Georgia is an at-will employment state. Does that mean I can get fired? 

While this is true, it is not necessarily the case that you can get fired if you are seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Seeking benefits through workers’ compensation is legally protected in Georgia and firing for this specific reason is a form of retaliation. Your employer will need to be able to point to a very specific (and legal) reason for firing you aside from the fact that you filed for workers’ compensation benefits. If you believe that your employer fired you for the wrong reasons, it is best to seek help from an on-the-job injury lawyer to understand what your rights are. 

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