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As an On The Job Back Sprain Attorney in Georgia from Tillman & Associates may tell you, workers compensation should be a big consideration when you choose a job. However, working for someone who has workers’ compensation insurance doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’ll be covered in the case of an accident. This insurance is designed to protect employees who get injured on the job by paying for costs, such as medical bills, associated with the injury, but you need to make sure that you qualify as one of those employees. If you don’t and you get hurt, you may have to pay for the expenses out of pocket. Here’s who is covered by insurance.

Full-Time Employees

If you are a full-time worker at a company, chances are you have workers’ compensation coverage. Your employer is responsible for taking out this insurance, and they may not be required to have it by law. The easiest way to learn about your employer’s workers’ compensation policy is to ask them. Find out what agency is providing coverage so that you can get answers straight from the source, too.

Part-Time Employees

Part-timers may also have coverage from their employer. This varies more between company to company than it does for full-time employees. State laws differ, and some only require insurance for certain situations. Check your state laws and talk to your employer to make sure you are covered. If you aren’t, you may need to make a backup plan if there is an emergency or contact a GA On The Job Back Sprain Attorney for help. 

Those Not Covered

There are many cases when an employee thinks they have coverage, only to discover that they are not actually considered an official employee of a company. For example, contractors are independent of the business that employs them. So despite being paid by the business, contractors are not actual employees and must take out their own insurance to cover personal injuries and other damages.

If your state laws do not mandate that employers have insurance, you may not be covered. This is why it is so important to ask your employer before an accident happens. If you are not covered, you’ll have time to prepare another source of coverage.

Are You Covered?

Simply discuss the matter with your boss to find out if you have coverage or if you are unsure if you qualify. Keep in mind that there are scenarios where even official employees cannot get coverage (for example, they came to work intoxicated). If you need help getting coverage because of trouble with an employer or insurance, get in touch with a Georgia On The Job Back Sprain Attorney from Tillman & Associates who can help you sort things out.