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A Neck injuries Compensation Injury Attorney in Georgia from Tillman & Associates knows that after a workplace injury, you probably have plenty of questions. Maybe you’ve heard of this wonderful thing called workers’ compensation insurance that covers your expenses if you get injured at work, but who exactly pays for it? Does it come out of your paycheck, or does someone else foot the bill? 

This is a compiled list of the most important questions about workers’ comp insurance, including who pays for it. Keep reading to get a better understanding of this specialized insurance and how it can help you in a time of great need.

Who Pays for Coverage?

Workers’ compensation insurance is the responsibility of the employer, not the employee. As an employee, you do not need to worry about the cost of this coverage coming out of your paycheck. Workers’ compensation is sometimes legally required by a state for all business, but not always. In states where a minimum number of employees is required in order to acquire insurance, your employer may not purchase it.

Do All Employers Have Coverage?

If you live in a state where workers’ comp is legally mandatory, then your employer should have it. If they don’t, that may say something about the integrity of the place you work, and you may want to bring it to the attention of the authorities and consider a new business to send your resume to. In states where it is not a legal obligation, your employer can entirely opt out of insurance. To find out if you’re covered, get the information from your employer and their insurance agency.

Can You Sue an Employer?

Employers who have compensation for their employees are usually exempt from lawsuits. This is designed to encourage more employers to take out a policy. That said, there are rare instances when an employee can still sue their employer. If any of the following are true, you may be able to make a legitimate lawsuit against your boss and should contact a GA Neck injuries Compensation Injury Attorney right away:

  • The employer didn’t file your claim or report your injury
  • The employer intentionally injured you
  • The employer created a product that was faulty and injured you
  • You are a contract worker

What Does It Cover?

Workers’ compensation covers four general categories, including medical costs, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses spent on the injury and funeral costs. You are free to claim any of these, or make an estimate of how much you’ll need to claim to cover costs that you continue to pay in the future, for an injury. Talk to a Neck injuries Compensation Injury Attorney in GA from Tillman & Associates to arrange your claim and make sure your best interests are covered.