Hospital Workers and Nursing Home Workers 

Hospital Workers and Nursing Home Workers Unless you’ve worked in a hospital or nursing home, most people do not realize that hospital and nursing home workers’ lives are often put at risk while they are on the job. The causes of these injuries are often accidents that occur because of a variety of different situations. It is a hospital or nursing home’s duty of care to ensure that their employees are safe while they are at work and to put in place as many measures as possible to make sure that this is the case. Some of the more common causes of hospital and nursing home workers’ injuries include but are not limited to:

  • Lifting Patients: Safely lifting a partially or fully incapacitated patient typically takes at least two adults but even when done properly, many hospital and nursing home workers get injured while doing this on the job.
  • Restraining a Violent Patient: Injuries that occur while restraining a violent patient are disturbingly common for many hospital workers and nursing home workers. These can be physically as well as psychologically harmful.
  • Needlesticks: can cause anywhere from mild to severe injuries. If a hypodermic needle or syringe accidentally punctures a worker’s skin, depending on where it does this, it may be superficial and not very damaging but if it goes deep enough to hit an artery or vital organ, the damage can be quite serious and need significant medical attention. When a needlestick occurs after it has already been used, it is more likely to cause infection and if a patient is infected with a disease, the victim of the needlestick may contract it. 
  • Slip & Fall / Trip & Fall Accidents: Slip and fall, often referred to as trip and fall, accidents can occur almost anyplace for different reasons but they are especially common in hospitals and nursing homes where the floors need to be cleaned up frequently during regular business hours while employees are rushing about, as well as for reasons such as carpets not being properly laid out, things being left on the floor that should not be, and poorly lit walkways, etc.

If you are a hospital or nursing home worker whose job it is to care for and ensure the safety of patients and visitors to the hospital, your own health and well-being should not be compromised for any reason, including ones not mentioned here. If you have been injured while on the job in a hospital, nursing home or another similar facility such as a rehabilitation center, contact Tillman & Associates, Attorneys At Law to find out how we can help you and start protecting your rights.

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