Denied Workers’ Comp Claims

The sad truth is that claims are often denied not because they lack merit, but because the insurer hopes some of the claims will be dropped. This means that people who are genuinely injured on the job go without compensation because they allowed themselves to be discouraged.

Georgia Workers’ Comp Attorneys Say: ‘Don’t Give Up’

At Tillman & Associates, we have this advice: Don’t be polite. Hang in there with workers’ comp. Hire a law firm that has been doing this for 30 years and won many millions of dollars of awards for medical care and living expenses. And keep applying.

Workers’ compensation insurance is not a handout. It is a system established to balance and protect the rights of both employers and workers.

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Denial of legitimate claims is not the only injustice that occurs. Sometimes claims are deliberately delayed, causing you great anxiety over medical expenses. Sometimes claims are deliberately underpaid, making your life very difficult. Sometimes benefits are paid out for a while and are then terminated before you have recovered and can go back to work.

These are all problems that require the hand of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Tillman & Associates will evaluate your claim to make sure it is legitimate. When we are sure that your claim is a valid one, we will assemble the documentation to support your claim to both your employer and its insurer and demand compensation for your injuries.

We will review your claim to make certain it is valid. Then we will gather the facts and documentation necessary to make it clear to your employer and the insurance company that you are entitled to compensation. We will take your case to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation for a hearing and ask for an explanation of the claim denial. Do board members suspect that the injury is falsified? That it isn’t as disabling as your doctor said? That the injury did not occur on the job? They will have to counter our documentation with their own. In this kind of situation, our lawyers usually meet with success.

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