Construction Accident Lawyer Fulton County, GA

Construction Accident Lawyer Fulton County, GAMost jobs these days are relatively safe because they don’t involve much manual labor. Construction work, by contrast, has always been (and likely will always be) inherently dangerous. The hazards that workers regularly engage with include heavy machinery, heavy objects/materials, heights, power tools, and exposure to high levels of noise and dust – just to name a few.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has enacted many safety requirements to protect workers on construction sites, including mandatory safety equipment, training, and procedures. Yet, construction work remains one of the most dangerous professions around. As a result, it is important for construction workers to properly understand both the hazards they will encounter and their rights in the event that they are harmed on the job. No two cases are exactly alike, so it is important to connect with a Fulton County, GA construction accident lawyer if you are hurt while working construction. The experienced team at Georgia’s Tillman & Associates can help to ensure that you receive any compensation you’re entitled to if you’ve been injured as a result of any of the following common construction hazards or a less common hazard on your jobsite:

  • Falling from Heights: Many workers’ compensation claims detail injuries stemming from falls. This includes falling off of ladders, scaffolding, roofs and tall equipment like cranes. Safety harnesses and other protective equipment can often prevent these falls, but employers do not always provide it or mandate its use.
  • Being Struck by Falling Objects: There’s a reason that hard hats are worn by everyone at a construction site (including visitors). Falling objects are a serious risk. These could include dropped tools, building materials, fasteners and even unsecured sections of wall. Hard hats can save lives or prevent serious injury when lighter objects strike someone on the head. But depending on the weight of the object and where it strikes the person it falls on, resulting injuries can be serious or even fatal. Traumatic brain injuries and neck/back injuries are common.
  • Overexertion and Repetitive Motion Injuries: When working outside in the hot sun, heat stroke, dehydration and exhaustion are very real risks. Moreover, workers can develop injuries over time due to the bodily wear and tear they receive from heavy lifting and the use of power tools and equipment. Muscle strains and joint damage are especially likely. Some workers are not aware that you don’t have to suffer an “accident” to sustain an injury covered by workers’ compensation. An experienced Fulton County, GA construction accident lawyer can help you to secure benefits if you’ve been injured as a result of overexertion or repetitive stress on a specific part of the body. 
  • Accidents with Equipment: These can range from being struck by a misfired nail to losing a finger in a saw to being involved in a crane collapse. The equipment used on construction sites is dangerous even when it is working properly and being used correctly. When errors or malfunctions occur, the results are often disastrous.
  • Collapsing Trenches and Buildings: When digging a hole that has workers inside, the walls must be reinforced to prevent collapse. When they aren’t, workers can be buried by dirt/rocks/earth and be seriously injured or killed. The same is true when demolishing a building or putting up new sections of wall that aren’t supported by the whole structure yet.

Injured at Work? Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer Fulton County, GA, Trusts

If you were injured in a construction accident, you are likely entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. In order to improve your chances of an accepted claim, contact a Fulton County, GA construction accident lawyer at our firm for assistance ranging from initial application through all levels of appeal. We are proud to represent injured workers in Fulton County and throughout Georgia and we look forward to speaking with you.