How to promote workplace wellness in Georgia

So many people each year jeopardize their mental and physical health in order to prioritize their job. For some, there is nothing wrong with this because their immune system can keep up with the high demand. For most, this can become a big problem, leading to missed time on the job due to extended illnesses, both mental and physical. Here are some tips for promoting workplace wellness in Georgia.

There are some companies that have the space to build a gym for their employees to utilize during breaks or even before or after the workday. For companies that don’t have the space for a gym, consider reimbursing employees for joining a gym near their home. You can also encourage employees to start their own fitness group that meets outside of the office for walks, jogs, bike rides and more.

It’s understandable that exercise is an important part of staying healthy, but there’s more a company can do to promote workplace well-being. This includes offering flu shots in the winter, a first aid kit on the premises (or more than one), a wellness room and encouraging employees to remain at home if they are sick.

Put a strict policy in place that defines an office opening time and an office closing time. Make sure access to the office is not allowed before or after these times. This ensures that employees are not burning the candle at both ends, which can lead to stress and heart issues.

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