‘The Walking Dead’ stuntman death first in U.S. since 2002

The death of a stuntman from the popular television show “The Walking Dead” was the first in the United States of its type since 2002. The accident that killed the stuntman happened earlier in the month of July. The death of the 33-year-old was the first for a stuntman in the country in more than a decade and first death on the set of a show since 2014.

The show was in the process of filming its eighth season at a set in Georgia, less than 40 miles from Atlanta, when the accident occurred. The stuntman fell from a balcony 22 feet in the air and landed headfirst on a floor made of concrete. The stuntman was filming a fight scene with an actor on the show when the accident occurred.

According to the Coweta County coroner, the stuntman was transported via helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center 30 minutes after the accident. He was pronounced brain dead at the center due to blunt force trauma.

One witness to the accident said that the stuntman hit the concrete floor just inches from an area of safety padding that was installed for the fight scene. Filming for the eighth season has been suspended by the show, which airs on AMC.

It has been announced that the Atlanta office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will open an investigation into the accident. A separate investigation will also be conducted by the Screen Actor’s Guild.

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Source: Forbes, “Death Of ‘Walking Dead’ Stuntman Was First Of Its Kind In U.S. Since 2002,” Russ Espinoza, July 16, 2017

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