Report says Georgia can do more to prevent workplace injuries

A recently released report claims that the state of Georgia as a whole can do more to help prevent workplace injuries and deaths. The report, released late in June by the National Safety Council (NSC), graded the state of Georgia at an overall level of “D.” The report grades states’ policies surrounding safety in three areas: in the workplace, in the community and at home, and on the road.

The state of Georgia scored well in road safety, but the report noted it could do more to help prevent workplace injuries and deaths. The director of Public Relations for the NSC said the following:

“Is it required for companies to have a safety and health program? In Georgia, that is not the case. Is there a state-level enhanced 911 program for employers so there’s a faster response time to emergencies? In Georgia, there is not.”

The goal of the report is to help come up with new ways to prevent injuries and deaths in the workplace. It is the reason why states are graded on the programs that have been enacted already and not the number of deaths that have occurred in the state’s workplaces.

Not a single state in the country earned an “A” grade in the report and the PR director noted that it’s a bad sign. She said that the country is at an all-time high for unintentional deaths in the workplace. She also noted that the next report will not be issued for another two years so states have time to put programs aimed at prevention in place.

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Source: WABE, “Report: Ga. Could Do More To Help Prevent Injuries, Deaths,” June 29, 2017

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