How to safely handle chemicals at the workplace

There are billions of workplaces across the country and it’s highly likely that each one of them has a chemical of some form on the premises. Whether that chemical is used to clean toilets, sinks or floors or it is used in the production of materials for consumers, it can be dangerous. Here’s some tips on how to safely handle chemicals at work.

Always wash your hands following the use of chemicals at work, even if you were wearing gloves. Never eat or drink when actively using chemicals as they can easily enter your body. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth when using chemicals prior to washing your hands.

Be sure to follow all of the procedures and policies created by your employer when it comes to using chemicals. These are in place for a reason; the safety of you and all those around you. If you follow them you should have no problems with the chemicals.

Make sure you wear the employer-provided personal protective equipment (PPE) each time you work with chemicals. PPE should include gloves, a mask, goggles, booties and sometimes a full body suit.

Read the labels on all of the chemicals thoroughly prior to using them or putting them back for storage. You don’t want to mix chemicals that shouldn’t be mixed as the reaction could be deadly.

When the day is done, or the project is complete, return all of the chemicals to their rightful storage areas. Misplaced chemicals could easily be knocked over and spilled, leading to a hazmat situation.

Learn and understand the emergency procedures your company has put in place should you ever need to activate them due to a chemical spill.

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