The injury risk nurses face while at their workplace

Nursing is an inherently dangerous job. During the course of a day, a nurse may be required to help support a patient’s body weight, be exposed to infected body fluids, spilled liquids and other potentially hazardous situations. Knowing what the most common types of nurse injuries are and how to avoid them can be helpful as you look to avoid being hurt on the job.

When you work as a nurse, even something as simple as a paper cut can result in a serious infection. That’s because nurses, and especially those working in hospital settings, have a higher rate of daily exposure to germs and bacteria than do others working in other less contact-intensive professions.

Washing your cut and then applying a bandage to it can greatly reduce your chances of it becoming infected. If the cut is much larger, then the risk of infection is even higher. In those cases, it’s important to seek out further medical care right away.

If you’re responsible for taking care of moving patients on a regular basis then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that back injuries are the most frequently reported injuries for nurses. In order to reduce your risk of getting hurt, it’s important to employ proper body mechanics. This involves lifting with your legs instead of your back.

Nurses’ ankle or foot injuries are most often caused by them wearing shoes that are lacking in terms of providing a proper foundation. Spending an extra few dollars to get a well made pair of shoes can do wonders for nurses, especially since they’re on their feet all the time.

Another common injury that nurses suffer from are burns. It’s common that a nurse will inadvertently burn herself during the course of her using either a sterilizer or autoclave device.

In the event a burn occurs, it’s important that you immediately treat it. To do so, you should rinse the area with cold water before applying ice to it. After using the cold compress on the area for a number of minutes, you should apply an antibacterial ointment followed by a bandage.

Injures nurses suffer can start small only to worsen soon thereafter. If you’ve been hurt on the job during the regular course of your workday, then you may benefit from discussing your case with an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney.

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