Partnership signed between multiple organizations in Atlanta

A new partnership signed earlier this month in the state of Georgia has a goal of protecting and educating workers about construction hazards as the second and third phases of the State Farm at Park Center project is completed in Atlanta. The partnership includes the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) along with multiple other agencies.

The other organizations that signed the partnership include the Georgia Institute of Technology Onsite Safety and Health Consultation Program, Holder Construction Co., and the Associated General Contractors of Georgia Inc.

The partnership was signed by all entities involved back on June 1. It included the area director in the Atlanta-East Office of OSHA. The partnership provides all involved with the construction better access to OSHA resources and hopefully encourages better participation in the safety process within the construction industry.

The partnership will provide all who signed it the following:

– Create effective safety and health procedures and programs

– Reduce the rates of illness and injury

– Increase monitoring of health hazards at the construction site

– Increase the number of employers that have health and safety management systems that are effective

The partnership will remain active until the completion of the project, which is a multi-use development totaling more than 3.5-million square feet of space. If the construction lasts for more than three years, the partnership will expire. There will be a total of 50 subcontractors and more than 4,000 employees working at the site.

“Partnerships like these provide a top-down emphasis to ensure a safer and healthier workplace for construction workers,” said the OSHA Area Director from the Atlanta-East Office. “The partnership at the State Farm at Park Center project is a great opportunity for knowledge and skills to be passed down to smaller employers so their workers are better protected, not only for this project but for years to come.”

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Source: OH&S Online, “OSHA in Atlanta Construction Partnership,” June 09, 2017

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