How to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

It’s not uncommon for people who work on computers all day long to develop a problem called carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an issue that affects the wrists of one or both hands. It can be prevented if the worker takes the proper precautions while on the job. If workers already have it, it can be mitigated to ensure that the pain is not too tough to handle.

One of the best ways to help prevent the development of carpal tunnel is to reduce the force at which you hit the keys of a keyboard. You should also relax your grip if you do a lot of handwriting while on the job. Make sure the pen has an oversized, soft grip adapter as well.

Be careful of the form you use when typing. Do not bend your wrist all the way up or down when using a computer. A relaxed position in the middle is the best possible way to hold your hands when typing. Try to keep the keyboard at elbow height or just below to ensure this position.

Take breaks as often as possible. When on a break, be sure to stretch your hands and move them around to get any kinks out. Try to alternate the tasks you perform at work so you can give your hands a break from typing every now and then.

Use a mouse for the computer that is comfortable to hold and does not put a strain on your wrist.

Posture is a big player in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have bad posture it caused you to slump, roll your shoulders and compress the nerves in your neck.

If you work in a cold environment you are more likely to develop hand pain and other issues. Keep your hands warm as much as possible.

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