Scaffolding accidents at Georgia construction sites

Construction sites are inherently dangerous due to their size, the equipment on the site and the amount of workers. With so many factors contributing to the site, injuries can occur when workers do not pay attention or the proper safety procedures are not followed. Accidents can also happen when safety procedures are followed completely.

A common accident at Georgia construction sites involves scaffolding. Scaffolding is a temporary structure built on the outside of a building. It is typically made from wooden planks and metal poles. These structures are used by window washers, construction workers and other professionals to clean windows, replace windows, construct buildings and much more.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), some 65 percent of the construction industry works on scaffolding. This amounts to an estimated 2.3 million construction workers across the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that some 4,500 injuries occur each year from scaffolding accidents, leading to more than 60 deaths. These injuries lead to $90 million in lost workdays for Americans.

Most scaffolding accidents are caused by the support or planking giving way underneath the worker. This can cause the worker to slip and fall onto the rest of the scaffolding or to the ground below, resulting in serious injury and even death.

Another common cause of scaffolding accidents is the worker being struck by falling debris. This is particularly common on active construction sites compared to window washers who are using scaffolding to scale a building for cleaning purposes.

Scaffolding accidents can also be caused by the worker tripping on an item near them on their level. The item could be debris, a tool or a piece of the planking used to construct the scaffolding.

Most of these accidents can be controlled or eliminated by following OSHA procedures.

Scaffolding accidents are frightening for those involved, who can suffer serious injury or even death. Contact our experienced attorneys today to discuss your case surrounding scaffolding falls.

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