How can you avoid being the next road crew accident victim?

Everybody knows that working roadside construction is a dangerous occupation.

No matter what you do, you’re still at the mercy of drivers who either can’t see you clearly, are distracted as they move through the construction zone or are trying to push through faster than they should just to get work on time or home for dinner.

Before you step out on the road on your next job, you should know the answer to these few questions.

— What can help you avoid being the victim of an accident while working on a road crew?

Be exceptionally cautious around urban areas. Urban interstates and urban roadways account for a combined total of 43 percent of all fatal work zone crashes — but they only make up 5 percent of the total roadway infrastructure. Don’t let your guard down for a moment.

— Are you safer in the day or the night?

While visibility may be poorer at night, drivers may be more cautious after dark than when it is light out. Statistically, 65 percent of accidents occur during the day. That suggests that drivers are more conscious of the risks at night.

— Are Mondays and Fridays more dangerous?

Again, contrary to what might seem intuitive, drivers seem to be more cautious during the Monday and Friday commute than they are during the middle of the week. Fatalities are more likely to occur Tuesday through Thursday. It may simply be the fact that everyone expects every other driver to be less careful on Mondays and Fridays, which has the net result of making the majority of drivers more cautious.

— What about seasonal work?

Again, while it runs counter to intuition, summer is more likely to be fatal on the road in work zones than winter. The likely conclusion is that drivers are simply more cautious in bad weather than they are when it’s bright and sunny out.

If you are injured in a work zone while trying to repair a roadway despite your best precautions, an attorney can provide assistance. You may be due benefits from workers’ compensation as well as have a viable third-party claim against the driver that injured you.

Source: Work Zone Management Program, “Facts and Statistics – Work Zone Safety,” accessed April 12, 2017

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