Common hazards to avoid if you work in an office

On the job injuries are not just for those who work in construction or on the power lines. Office jobs also have some inherent dangers that may happen if your employer does not focus on safety. Whether you are a secretary or an accountant, working in an office does not mean you should ignore safety concerns.


Ergonomic injuries


Sitting at a desk all day and staring at a computer can cause injuries like musculoskeletal disorders, such as tendon injuries, muscle strains, carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis. Computer stations should be set up in certain ways to protect the body from these injuries. Your employer may also offer adjustable keyboards, desks, chairs and other office supplies to protect from injury.


Falls, trips and slips


These are common in all work situations, as they can occur on wet or uneven floors, cluttered areas, loose rugs, exposed cords, unattended spills, and unstable work surfaces. They are also common outside the office because of ice, rain or snow. Your employer should always keep office walkways clear, clean up spills immediately and properly secure all telephone and electrical cords.


Asthma and respiratory diseases


If your office has a problem with clean air, this can lead to respiratory disease, allergies and chemical sensitivity. Things like office overcrowding, mold growth and water damage, unbalanced levels of humidity, inadequate ventilation systems, and even poor housekeeping cause poor air quality. Your employer should perform the proper cleaning, maintenance and filtration of the ventilation systems to reduce illnesses, infections and respiratory irritants.


Violence in the workplace


Workplace violence is a concern in almost every work environment. Violence between employees causes many occupational injuries each year. Your employer should have a zero-tolerance policy and have some type of prevention program in place to combat workplace violence.


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