Georgia highway workers receiving training on road dangers

One-hour safety stand-down events are training highway workers in the state of Georgia how to be safe while on the job. The programs are teaching workers how to spot distracted drivers, how to avoid flying objects and other debris. The program was created via a partnership between the Federal Highway Administration, the state of Georgia, local governments and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The training events will take place from April 3-7, which is National Highway Work Zone Awareness Week.

Employers are encouraged to voluntarily stop work throughout Georgia at work sites for one hour to take part in the Safety Stand-Down events. The day when the event takes place will be designated ahead of time. The discussions will focus on hazardous objects and vehicles striking workers as well as the best safety practices workers can use while on the job. On the day chosen, the training event will run from 7-8am.

“Our alliance partners have come together to honor the working mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons who died because a driver risked a text message, a phone call or other distraction,” OSHA’s regional administrator for the Southeast said. “The Safety Stand-Down events allow employers to identify hazards and how employees can avoid them. It also reminds the construction industry and the public at-large of the importance of safety in these work zones.”

The leading causes of roadway construction deaths are vehicles striking workers and objects striking workers. The Associated General Contractors of Georgia are providing workers with an informational flyer on the topic as well as a toolbox in both English and Spanish.

OSHA works with various groups throughout the country using its Alliance Program to teach workers how to remain safe on the job as well as healthy in an effort to prevent workplace fatalities and injuries.

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Source: U.S. Department of Labor, “Safety Stand-Down events put the brakes on injuries at Georgia road sites,” March 28, 2017

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