Types of construction accident chemical burns

Construction accident chemical burns are more common than many might think. They are also incredibly painful. Any chemical burn that occurs on a construction site must be reported to a supervisor immediately and medical care must be administered. There are three types of construction accident chemical burns that you should be aware of while on a job site.

The first type of chemical burn is one that affects the top layer of the skin, known as a superficial burn. The second type of chemical burn affects the second layer of the skin, the dermis, and is known as a partial thickness injury or dermal injury. The third type of chemical burn is one that affects the third layer of the skin, or the subcutaneous tissue. This burn is called a full thickness injury.

Many chemical burn victims will wonder when they should go to the hospital for medical care. If any of the following occurs, it is time to go to the hospital:

– The burn affects your face, feet, groin, hands or buttocks.

– The burn’s surface is larger than three inches in length or width.

– The burn occurred on a major joint of your body.

– You are exhibiting the signs and symptoms of shock. These symptoms include low blood pressure, dizziness and shallow breathing.

– Over-the-counter pain medications are unable to control the pain from the burn.

The doctor examining your burn will treat the burn in one of various ways. These treatment methods include anti-itch medications, antibiotics, IV fluids, skin grafting and debridement. Debridement is the cleaning and removing of dead tissue and dirt.

Some of the most severe chemical burns can lead to loss of limb, scarring, infection, disfigurement and muscle and tissue damage. The victim could also suffer psychologically from flashbacks, nightmares and depression.

Always wear the required protective gear when working with chemicals on the job to prevent burns should a spill occur.

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