Common workplace illnesses and how to avoid them

Workplace illnesses are more common than one might think, but they are also easily avoidable. Some workplace illnesses cannot be avoided due to the type of work performed by employees. The ones that can be avoided take a little bit of effort on the part of the employee and the employer to keep the workplace healthy and safe.

One of the best ways to minimize the amount of workplace illnesses suffered by employees is to conduct a risk assessment for the work that is performed. This assessment determines what could go wrong with the activities the employee performs and then what control methods are out there to prevent loss, damage, injury or illness in the workplace.

A common workplace illness is that of occupational asthma. Asthma is a condition that affects the lungs and the ability of the patient to breathe effectively. Occupational asthma can be caused by things known as respiratory sensitizers. These items include chemicals, hard wood dust and other things found in various workplaces. If you have been diagnosed with asthma, but need to continue working the same job, consider wearing a mask to prevent the inhalation of dust and chemicals.

Without a doubt, stress is considered a workplace illness. Stress, if overwhelming, can affect the daily operations of an employee. Some of the most stressed out people have trouble getting out of bed, communicating with others completing their work and even eating. If you are too stressed at work, talk to a supervisor about your problem and the steps you can take to remediate it.

Dermatitis is the redness, itching or blistering of the skin. This occupational illness also includes rashes, hives and scaling of the skin. A variety of things can cause occupational dermatitis, including exposure to chemicals and other materials. Be sure you wear the proper personal protective equipment when working with items that can cause allergic reactions on the skin.

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