How to prevent heavy equipment accidents

Construction sites all over Atlanta, Georgia, have heavy equipment in use to move materials, dig holes and make the job as efficient as possible. But, if not used properly, this heavy equipment can cause serious injury or death. Preventing heavy equipment accidents is the main goal of all construction site foremen and here is how it’s done.

One of the best ways to prevent heavy equipment accidents is to know the equipment being used. If you are the one responsible for operating these machines, learn about them as much as possible. Attend the proper training courses, go through the proper driving tutorials and ask questions about the machines prior to using them.

When you are learning about the equipment, you should do all of the following:

– Read the owner’s manual

– Find out the weight limits of each piece of equipment

– Inspect the equipment prior to operating

– Know your surroundings

– Understand the dangers the machine can impose

– Wear the proper protective gear

– Operate the equipment at safe speeds

– Wear a seat belt if one is available

An important part of preventing heavy equipment accidents is recognizing the hazards on the construction site. Hazards are all over the construction site, including holes and materials. You need to know where the hazards are located on the site before you operate the equipment. This will help to prevent accidents that are completely avoidable.

If your construction company has written policies in place for operating heavy equipment, be sure you have read and understand them. These policies could possibly save your life. A popular policy is operating heavy equipment in reverse. Most policies require that the operator have a spotter in place when operating heavy equipment in reverse. This helps to reduce accidents and prevent damage to property or materials.

Have you or a loved one been injured in a heavy equipment accident? An experienced industrial workers’ accidents attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, can explain your rights.

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