5 signs you may have a brain injury

While some careers are more dangerous than others, accidents can happen anywhere. Employees are expected to follow certain rules and procedures, but when the negligence of others leads to an injury that seriously disrupts your life, it may affect everything from your finances to your personal relationships. Brain injuries can be particularly disruptive, and if they happen on the job, workers’ compensation insurance may help to compensate you.

Brain injuries may not be apparent right away, and signs and symptoms may occur hours or even days later. Catching and treating the injury early can make all the difference in how much it affects your life. If you’ve been injured on or off the job and fear you may have an injury, watch for the following symptoms and signs.

1. Mood changes

If you are regularly a pretty even-tempered person and you notice swift changes in your mood after hurting your head, you may have a brain injury. Pay attention and watch closely for feelings of sadness or anger that come on for no apparent reason. While a little bit of frustration and depression are common after an injury, these mood changes will feel unpredictable and slightly out of control.

2. Sleep patterns

This symptom can go either way. It may be harder for you to sleep, or you may have a harder time getting out of bed and sleep more than normal. Any serious changes to your sleep patterns after an injury should be discussed with a health care professional. Additionally, if you find you are tired and have no motivation to do basic everyday tasks, this may also be a sign you need treatment.

3. Focus and concentration

Those with brain injuries typically report some type of difficulty in concentration, decision-making and remembering basic tasks. If you find there are blank spaces in your memory or you can’t make the most basic of decisions, it’s time to see a health care professional.

4. Physical symptoms

Brain injuries can also cause neck pain and headaches that are persistent and will not go away. You may also feel the urge to throw up or serious nausea. Some brain injuries cause a ringing in the ears or a loss of taste or smell.

5. Confusion

Confusion and constantly being lost are also signs of a brain injury. Sensory symptoms include increased sensitivity to distractions, sounds and lights.

Workplace injuries are often out of your control and can significantly disrupt your life. If you have been hurt on the job and are concerned you have a brain injury, seek treatment immediately. If you are concerned about the costs of medical care, an attorney may be able to answer questions you have about receiving compensation.

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