Pipeline explodes, killing 1 worker and impacting fuel in Atlanta

A worker died after a recent pipeline explosion in a neighboring state. Residents of Atlanta are probably aware of the news story, because much has been made of whether the incident will impact fuel costs and inventory in the city and surrounding areas.

The fuel line in question was one of two owned by the same company that carried oil into this area. The accident temporarily shut down two large pipelines that provide fuel throughout the east coast. The incident occurred on Halloween.

In addition to the death of one worker, seven workers were reportedly injured in the explosion. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be investigating the incident. Because of the nature of the event and the relationship to oil, the Environmental Protection Agency might also become involved in investigations, though that organization would be considering other factors and not dealing with the case of injured workers.

While a pipeline explosion is scary for everyone — and especially anyone living near the incident — it’s probably most frightening for the workers involved and their families. The family of the worker who lost his life in this incident can never recover what they lost, and those who were injured could face trying recoveries that involve medical expenses and the inability to work.

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Source: My AJC, “Worker dead, gas not flowing, feds investigating,” Michael Kanell, Nov. 02, 2016

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