Uncommon construction injuries can still hurt you and your wallet

In the past we’ve blogged several times on the common risks and injuries related to construction work, but an accident doesn’t have to be common to lead to injury and loss on your part. Sometimes, so called freak accidents actually cause the most damage.

One man who survived a freak ladder and tool accident can attest to this, although he’s lucky to be alive after what happened to him. He was working with a drill on a ladder. The drill had a long, 1.5-inch-diameter bit installed at the time. When the man felt himself begin to fall from the ladder, he did what most good construction workers are trained to do: He tossed the tool he was holding away. Falling with a drill — or a saw or screwdriver — in your hand obviously isn’t a good idea.

The tactic didn’t work out in this case, though. The man still ended up landing on the drill. The long bit went into his head via his face and came out the other side. Miraculously, the man was still alive and even conscious when paramedics arrived.

The drill bit somehow managed to miss the man’s brain, but it did destroy one of his eyes and did substantial damage to his skull. He underwent serious surgery and ongoing treatment for the issue, and he was not insured at the time, so the costs were extreme.

While this isn’t probably something you worry specifically about on the job site each day, injuries can happen to anyone. Make sure you are working for employers who carry workers’ compensation, and if you are injured on a construction site, don’t be afraid to reach out to a legal professional for guidance on managing your workers’ compensation claim.

Source: Mental Floss, “And They Walked Away: The Stories of 5 Strange Injuries,” Rob Lammle, accessed Oct. 28, 2016

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