Seeking Social Security benefits after a workplace injury

One of the first places most people turn after they have been injured in a workplace accident is workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is an insurance plan that is designed to help you cover the costs of medical bills and living following an accident that was related to your job. While workers’ compensation benefits can be critical to your recovery success, it doesn’t always cover a long-term need even if that need was created by a work accident.

While we truly hope that any accident you are involved in related to your job is something that you can walk away from without long-term life-altering injuries, there are instances where on-the-job incidents lead to disability. Long-term and serious disabilities could keep you from returning to your current job, working full-time or performing any gainful work at all in the future. In these cases, you might consider seeking benefits above and beyond your workers’ compensation payments.

One option you might have is to seek disability payments from the Social Security Administration. The SSA administers two overall types of benefits payments: Social Security Income, which is referred to as SSI, and Social Security Disability Income, which is referred to as SSDI. The first step in filing for these benefits is choosing which type of benefit is right for you. Our firm can work with you to understand your situation and needs to make a decision about which type of application to file.

The application process can be tedious, and any mistake can send you back to the drawing board. We work with you to navigate this process, reducing stress on you and helping to improve your chances at a successful outcome.

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