How social media could ruin your workers’ compensation claim

You were injured on the job and filed a workers’ compensation claim. The company you filed against will undoubtedly launch an investigation into your claim and, whether you know it or not, you are now living under a microscope. At this time your behavior is more important than ever, especially your social media presence. Companies retain attorneys and insurance adjusters to work on their behalf for these specific issues. Their job is to work against you in an effort to get the claim dismissed or limit the payout as much as possible. Follow these quick tips to help solidify the validity of your claim.

Do not post about your claim on social media

This is a big no-no. The last thing you want to do is badmouth your employer or the claims process you’re dealing with. No matter how frustrating your situation is, vent to a friend or loved one but keep it off the internet. Using the internet as a microphone for your problems will only reflect poorly on you. It could also create the illusion that you’re out to get revenge against the company.

Beware of ANY post you make on social media

Even if your post is not directly related to your workers’ compensation claim, the investigation team working on behalf of your employer could spin it in a way that might hurt your case. You have an injury and are unable to work yet you’re posting pictures of outings with friends. It looks bad along with any other activity you participate in. This could make or break your case based on the perception it gives. Even if you’re doing something that doesn’t interfere with your injury, it may look differently to a judge.

The best advice is to always assume anything you post on social media can be found, as many examples have shown. No matter how private you believe your accounts are, if it’s on the internet, somebody will find it.

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