Facing social isolation after a workplace injury

A workplace injury that sidelines you from both professional and recreational activities for any length of time can result in social anxiety. For many people, work isn’t just a source of a paycheck. It might also be where they regularly connect with other people during the day or where they draw friendships from.

When you face a work-related injury, you might be hospital- or home-bound for a great length of time. At the same time, you might be dealing with painful recovery, hard medical decisions and difficulty managing your workers’ compensation claims. If your employer or the insurance policy holder is fighting your claim, you might feel like another boundary has been drawn between you and the outside world.

The results of this type of isolation on top of the medical struggle you might be facing can be dangerous. In fact, some studies have shown that social isolation can be more damaging to health than obesity. Social isolation can lead to depression, anxiety and, in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts. It can also impact your ability to recover — some studies have shown that social isolation can impact physical issues such as inflammation or pain responses.

It’s important after a work injury that you seek assistance from the right professionals. Obviously medical professionals might need to be involved to treat your injuries and assist you in recovering. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance from mental health professionals if you are dealing with issues of stress, isolation or depression related to your injury. Finally, work with a legal professional to get your workers’ compensation claims paid correctly and quickly so you can concentrate on recovering and returning to normal life in Atlanta.

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