When workers’ comp issues become permanent

In the past weeks, we’ve covered a number of specific issues related to workers’ compensation and accidents and illnesses that befall individuals in the workplace. When you are injured at work, or if you develop an illness related to your work, you might be covered by workers’ compensation if you have medical bills or can’t work for a short time. It’s important to note that workers’ compensation is a short-term solution, though. What happens if your injuries are permanent?

If you are injured at work and it is eventually decided that you have been permanently disabled, then you might need to seek disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Some people see this as a form of welfare, but technically benefits from Social Security are simply another form of insurance payouts. As long as you are working and paying federal taxes, you are paying into the benefit plan that handles just such cases.

Social Security Insurance disability payments, or SSID, are sometimes difficult to obtain and maintain. This difficulty generally has to do with the red tape involved in filing a claim and proving that you have disability. You might need to provide certain medical records, fill out complex and tedious forms, and work your way through several layers of review. Sometimes, you are even required to present evidence at a hearing in front of an administrative law judge.

Our firm can make this process easier for you by removing some of the stress of this work and helping to ensure each document and statement is as legally accurate and as system-friendly as possible. We understand how the SSID system works, so we can help keep you from costly and common mistakes when filing for disability benefits.

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