Top tips for power tool safety

If you work in the construction industry, you don’t need a survey or study to tell you power tools are dangerous. But studies do show that power tools result in thousands of injuries every year both in and outside of the workplace. Accidents happen, and you can’t prevent all of them yourself, but you can prevent some power tool incidents by regularly following these top tips for safety.

Always follow manufacturers guidelines when using power tools, and never use specialty tools you aren’t trained on. What looks like a simple tool could be a powerful and dangerous piece of equipment, and the slightest wrong use or move could result in a serious injury.

Work as a team, even if you aren’t actively working on the same piece of a project. Make sure other workers know you are about to use a power tool near them and be aware of your surroundings at all times. When you are done with a power tool, put it away. Never leave a power tool plugged in and laying around when not in use.

Maintain all tools appropriately. Replace broken parts as needed and never use a power tool you believe is out of repair. Report such dangers to your supervisor.

Finally, always wear the appropriate safety gear. At minimum with most power tools, you’ll want to wear both eye and ear protection. Your employer might have other requirements for safety wear depending on which type of materials and equipment you are working with.

Even with these precautions, you can still be involved in a workplace accident. If you were injured in a power tool incident on the job, then consider speaking with a lawyer to find out about seeking compensation through a workers’ comp claim.

Source: Forbes, “The Most Dangerous Power Tools,” William Baldwin, accessed July 29, 2016

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