Hearing loss: A serious workplace concern

Unfortunately, hearing loss is one of those things that many people experience as they age, and there’s not much that anyone can do about the natural effects of aging. Medical science is evolving almost daily to offer new solutions to such problems, but these are simply facts of life that must be dealt with. The same is not true when you face hearing loss because of your job.

Hearing loss can become an issue in a wide range of job types. Often, workers who are regularly working in environments that are very loud can develop long-term hearing issues. Regular exposure to loud noises, even when those noises don’t seem that loud or painful, can cause hearing functions to slowly deteriorate as the inner ear is damaged. This is why it’s incredibly important to follow all safety protocols and wear protection over or in the ears.

Loud noise isn’t the only contributor to hearing loss in the workplace. A traumatic accident that damages the ears or exposure to certain chemicals can also reduce hearing functions. Regardless of the reason your hearing is impacted, if those reasons are work-related, you might be able to seek workers’ compensation coverage for medical treatments and time off associated with your hearing loss.

One thing that is worth noting is that hearing loss of any type can actually lead to a higher risk of other types of workplace accidents. An occupational health magazine published a study in 2014 that noted that the risk of injury-related hospitalizations increased by 1 percent for every decibel of hearing loss that occurred.

Our firm works with you, helping you protect your rights and seek recovery. We can help you whether you are facing work-related hearing loss or dealing with an on-the-job accident after losing some hearing functions.

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