When workers’ compensation claims are denied

Workers’ compensation is a critical benefit for many working individuals in the United States. Because you are usually not allowed to seek civil remedies against an employer when you are injured on the job, workers’ compensation is meant to be the sole solution for financial recovery. Given this fact, it can be devastating if a claim is denied.

A workers’ compensation claim can’t be denied for many reasons, which does help ensure that you receive some compensation for your medical bills and losses. However, workers’ compensation insurance carriers do sometimes try to limit how much is paid.

One way a compensation claim might be denied is by declaring that you were not, in fact, injured in the course of your job duties. This claim could be made if the insurance company or employer thinks that you were not on the job when an incident happened or if they believe you were engaged in some activity not in keeping with your job duties. As an extreme example, consider this scenario: A group of construction workers has dared each other to do back flips off the forklift. An injury during such an activity would likely not be covered.

Not all incidents are so black and white, though, which can make it difficult to prove your case if your workers’ compensation claims are denied. Working with a legal professional to recover the payments owed to you under workers’ compensation might be a good idea if your claims are denied. A lawyer can help you gather information, including medical records and witness testimony, to prove that your injuries were work related.

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