What are your Occupational Safety and Health Act rights?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed in 1970 and is administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The OSH Act lists a series of rights that all workers in the United States have, and OSHA implements policies and actions to protect those rights.

Your rights under the OSH Act all relate to safety. First, you have the right to receive training on safety and hazards in your workplace. That training must be provided in a clear and understandable way, and it must be communicated in a way that laymen can understand. If you are in the construction industry, for example, your training can’t be of a nature that would only be understood by engineers.

You also have a right to see information about accidents and illnesses that occur on the job site. This is why many employers post signage about how often or when the last work accident occurred. If you believe that your workplace is hazardous, you also have a right to review test results regarding such things. For example, if you believe a warehouse has a mold problem, then you have a right to see air quality test results.

Workers have a right to report violations of safety issues to OSHA anonymously. They also have a right not to be retaliated against or discriminated against for making such complaints. If you feel that your OSH Act rights are being violated, then you might have a case against your employer. If you are injured in an accident at work, even if OSHA issues are not in play, then you probably have a case for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

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