How environment quality can impact health at work

Last week, we talked about how the way you sit at a computer or desk can impact your long-term health. The environment you work in — and the quality of the air and other factors within that space — can also cause health issues. Like repetitive motion injuries, health issues related to indoor environment quality can be difficult to pinpoint and trace back to the workspace.

Indoor environmental quality, or IEQ, is made up by a number of factors. Air quality, lighting and the dryness or dampness of the location are just some factors that contribute to IEQ. If you are sick and it is related to the environment at work, you might only know because your symptoms are worse in at work and subside when you leave the workplace. Getting evaluated by a medical provider can help you better understand what your body is dealing with.

While the relationship between a damp environment and workplace illness is still not completely identified, one common environmental factor that can lead to illness is mold. If you work in an area where there is mold and you are dealing with respiratory issues, then those issues might be workplace related.

Workers’ compensation plans cover workplace illnesses as well as injuries. If you are experiencing medical expenses or can’t work because of an illness caused by IEQ, then workers’ compensation is supposed to cover you for those expenses. The difficulty with this is that IEQ-relation to your illness is much harder to show than something like an injury to the arm in a workplace accident might be. Working with an experienced Atlanta lawyer can help you understand your options for dealing with workplace illness claims.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Indoor Environmental Quality,” accessed May 06, 2016

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