Get help navigating the Social Security disability system

When you think of Social Security, you probably think first about the payment you should get when you retire. This isn’t a freebie offered by the federal government — if you have been working for a certain number of years and paying taxes to the federal government, then you’ve been paying into the system. It actually works similar to an insurance premium — you pay for many years so you can use the system when you need it.

What many people don’t realize is that Social Security also kicks in for disabled individuals who cannot maintain gainful employment at a certain level. Even if you’ve worked all your life, if you are suddenly injured or sick and can’t work for a long time, then you might be eligible for Social Security disability insurance. This coverage could be in addition to other coverage from workers’ compensation or private disability insurance, or it might kick in once those options are exhausted.

SSDI benefits are not something anyone should be embarrassed to seek — you paid into the system for just this reason. However, the system itself is complex and sometimes very hard to navigate. Like any such payer, Social Security has to be convinced that you meet requirements for a payout, which often means you have to jump through hoops involving filing numerous applications or presenting medical records or other documents.

Our firm works with individuals who are seeking Social Security disability insurance. We follow up on documents and applications, and stay abreast of trends and requirements for such claims. We can help you reduce the tedium and stress of dealing with Social Security disability insurance claims at a time when you probably don’t need any additional stress in your life.

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