Using nail guns safely on construction jobs

Construction workers use a lot of tools to get jobs done fast and well. In many cases, proper use of these tools can actually increase safety on the job, but when tools are used improperly, they increase overall risks of accident or injury.

One tool that can cause injury to workers is the nail gun. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide some tips for preventing nail gun injuries on construction jobs. Those tips encourage workers and employers to work together to promote safety on the job when using nail guns.

First, the CDC encourages workers to use full sequential trigger nail guns as these are the safer variety. Employers wishing to create safer work environments can ensure that they provide well-maintained, working nail guns that are safest to use. Employees should also wear safety equipment when working with nail guns. Depending on the job, that might include google, gloves, steel toe boots and hard hats.

Employers who establish specific procedures for using nail guns and only allow trained employees to handle such tools are more likely to reduce nail gun accidents than employers who do not implement such policies. The CDC also encourages employers to implement reporting policies for nail gun accidents — some of these accidents can be minor, but failure to report and treat an injury quickly could result in complications such as infections.

The CDC reports that nail gun injuries are a leading cause of medical treatment requests among carpenters. While many nail gun injuries are minor, they can be serious and even lead to death. If you are involved in a nail gun injury that keeps you from performing job duties, you could be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim. For assistance with such claims or with claims denials, consider speaking to a lawyer experienced in such cases.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Nail Gun Safety,” accessed April 22, 2016

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