Maximizing workers’ compensation benefits

Workers’ compensation plans are very different from other types of insurance plans which might cover injuries to third parties. Car insurance or homeowners’ insurance, for example, typically includes liability coverage that might cover expenses associated with someone who was injured due to the negligence of a car or home owner. These types of payments sometimes include compensation for pain and suffering, which is something workers’ compensation plans don’t do.

Workers’ compensation is designed to meet some needs for both employers and employees, which is why there are limitations on what the plans will cover. Broadly, these plans are designed to provide financial coverage for certain expenses associated with injuries and illnesses that occur while someone is on the job. As such, liability is not a consideration with a workers’ compensation claim. The only facts that have to be considered are whether the employee was injured on the job and whether the treatments or other expenses are associated with the work-related injury.

Workers’ compensation payments typically break down into three major categories: permanent partial disability, temporary partial disability and temporary total disability. Each of these types of coverage comes with different limitations on how much is paid per week and how long payments are made.

Maximizing workers’ compensation to ensure as full of coverage of injuries and recovery needs as possible can be daunting. Our firm works with employees who have experienced work-related injuries to help them understand the workers’ compensation claims process and ensure they are receiving the benefits they are afforded under workers’ compensation law. We also help ensure that individuals understand all of their rights and options so they can make the best decisions for the future.

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