Considering Social Security disability benefits

Over the past weeks, we’ve covered a lot of information about workers’ compensation coverage and what you should do if you are injured on the job. But what happens if you are injured and it wasn’t part of your job? While you might have medical coverage or automobile insurance that helps to pay for expenses such as medical bills and temporary lost wages, do you know what to do if you are unable to work long-term because of an injury or disability?

One of the things you can do is apply for Social Security insurance benefits. Many people don’t realize that Social Security benefits are available to them before they retire if they qualify for Social Security disability insurance, or SSDI. But, if you’ve been working for any number of years, you’ve been paying into the system for just this reason. Not only might you need Social Security income as you age, but you might also need it sooner.

Our firm works with individuals who have a disability that keeps them from gainful employment. We understand how the SSDI system works, and we know that SSDI employees have to provide a thorough review of files before they can approve any type of payments. Our lawyers help you work through that process, providing a complete application and mitigating the damages that medical records or other information might do to your chance at receiving benefits.

If you simply don’t know where to start with applying for SSDI, we can help. If you have already applied and have been denied for coverage, we can help you appeal that decision.

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