Workplace injury trends change with the seasons

Don’t assume that workplace injuries are going to happen at a fairly even rate all year long. Studies have been done to look at the trends, and one of the findings was that the injury reports actually trend up and down in a fairly predictable manner depending on what season it is.

For example, many injuries are often reported in the summer. As the year rolls into fall, the numbers start to decline. The largest drops happen right at the end of the year, in November and December. The reports then increase again just a month later, in January.

The change can be fairly drastic. One study found that there were 23 percent less daily injuries in December than there were in January.

There has been speculation about the reasons for these difference, and exposure to work is one thing that has to be considered. Many people travel in December for the holidays, and some workplace institutions—like universities—even give people extensive time off around Christmas. Most businesses will provide one or two days, at least, and workers may also be more likely to use personal time off to increase the length of these breaks, either to travel or just to spend time with family in the area.

Naturally, if people are going to work less in December than they are in January, there is going to be a drop in injuries since they are not exposed to workplace situations in which they could be injured.

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, “The Seasonal Timing of Work-Related Injuries,” Brooks Pierce, accessed March 11, 2016

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