Distractions can lead to construction injuries

One of the biggest reasons that people are hurt on construction sites in Georgia is simply that they become distracted. They don’t notice hazards that may otherwise have been avoided, and they’re hurt as a result.

This doesn’t mean that the workers are necessarily at fault. For example, if a truck backs into a worker who is distracted, the driver could still be at fault for causing the accident. However, had the worker been paying more attention, he or she may have seen the vehicle in time to avoid the accident.

There are many distractions on a job site, but one is simply the pressure to finish the job on time. If workers were going slowly and really considering everything about the job, they could see hazards that will be overlooked when they’re working as fast as possible, concerned with nothing but sticking to the schedule.

Complacency can also be an issue. When a worker has done the same job many times in a row, he or she can stop thinking as hard about the steps to take—even if there are clear dangers to the job. If the worker grows complacent, he or she could be hurt in a way that would have easily been avoided the first time doing the job.

To keep these things from happening, employers are encouraged to give employees breaks and to actively look for workplace distractions so that they can be addressed. This is true for things like complacency and scheduling pressure, but it’s also true for distractions like cellphones or portable music players.

When workers are hurt on the job, they may be entitled to financial compensation.

Source: Safety and Health Magazine, “Distracted on the job,” Kyle W. Morrison, accessed Feb. 26, 2016

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