Georgia man killed in fall at distribution center

Tragedy struck earlier this month in Clayton County when a 27-year-old man died after falling in a Kroger distribution center. According to police, the worker was on a platform lift when he fell.

According to a spokesman for the grocery chain, the man was employed by a subcontractor hired to install automation racking in the building. He was in an area of the building that was still under construction.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as Forest Park police. No details regarding what may have caused the worker to suffer the fatal fall have been released.

Sadly, this type of accident is not uncommon on construction sites. According to OSHA, about two-thirds of people employed in the construction industry work on some type of lift, scaffolding, ladder or hoist. Injuries that occur around this type of equipment are often severe. These injuries generally involve a fall, as in this case, or being hit by an object that either fell or was dropped from a considerable height.

When a worker is injured or killed in a fall, it’s essential to investigate such things as whether the equipment may have been defective and whether it was properly installed or secured. It’s also important to determine whether the employee was wearing the proper protective gear and whether he/she was properly secured to the equipment as required by safety regulations.

While OSHA, law enforcement and perhaps other entities are tasked with conducting a thorough investigation of a workplace accident, it’s also important to have a Georgia attorney or your side. An attorney who is experienced in handling these incidents can work to help ensure that all people and entities who bear responsibility for the accident are held accountable and that the victim and/or surviving family members receive the compensation they deserve.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Worker falls to death at Clayton Co. Kroger distribution center,” Dec. 09, 2015

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