Benefits for families of public service employees

When public service employees—such as police officers or firefighters—pass away in the line of duty, the family that is left behind often feels overwhelmed. Clearly, this is an emotional time, but the financial stresses that go along with it can make it all too much. That family may have lost its only source of income. As such, there are some benefits that can be sought.

1. Death benefits.

Some families are able to get death benefits from the State of Georgia Indemnification Program. The typical amount paid out is $100,000. This can be done in a lump sum—though the total may be reduced—or as five payments of $20,000, which is one payment per year.

2. Workers’ compensation.

Families may also be able to get workers’ compensation, which comes in as 66.6 percent of what the person earned before passing away. There are some maximum limits to this, however. For example, for a person who was married but did not have any children, no more than $150,000 per year will be paid out. If that person then marries again, the benefits stop.

3. Funeral benefits.

Workers’ compensation may also be used for funeral benefits, paying for the service, burial and other similar expenses. The maximum amount for this is typically $7,500.

4. Additional benefits.

Other benefits include money for the education of children, retirement and pension plans, and specific benefits that vary by county.

If you’ve lost someone in Georgia, it’s very important to know what benefits you may be able to get. To learn more, we encourage you to take a look at our site or contact us right now.

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