Spinal cord injuries can cause a multitude of physical ailments

A spinal cord injury can be a life-altering event, resulting in paralysis or other limitations of mobility. However, it can also impact functions that one wouldn’t normally associate with the spinal cord. The spinal cord carries messages that tell multiple parts of your body what to do. When this messaging gets compromised, a person may feel the effects in many ways. These include:

— Bladder control: This can cause urinary tract infections and bladder or kidney stones.

— Circulatory control: This can cause high or low blood pressure as well as dangerous blood clots.

— Muscle tone: This can include spasticity or flaccidity of the muscles.

— Respiratory system: Depending what part of the spinal cord was injured, people may find their chest and abdominal muscles impacted. They more likely to suffer from lung problems, including pneumonia.

— Sexual health: A person’s sexual function as well as fertility can be impacted.

— Skin sensation: This can impact a person’s ability to feel hot, cold or pressure, which can be dangerous.

Obviously, people who have suffered spinal cord injuries are also at risk for depression as well as physical conditions caused by leading a sedentary life, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Beyond that, many live a life of considerable physical pain.

Medical specialists and physical and occupational therapists can help people learn to handle these issues and avoid additional physical ailments after a spinal cord injury. However, this costs money and may involve long-term treatment.

That’s why it’s essential that if you suffered a spinal cord injury on the job, such as in a fall on a construction site, you get the workers’ compensation you need to get the appropriate care to live with your injury and to take care of your family and yourself. For an injury as serious as one to the spinal cord, it’s essential to get experienced legal support and guidance from a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney.

Source: Mayo Clinic, “Spinal Cord Injury – Complications,” accessed Sep. 10, 2015

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