Hearing loss can be a permanent, devastating workplace injury

Heavy metal musicians are not the only ones who experience hearing loss on the job. Employees at construction, manufacturing and many other types of worksites may endure prolonged exposure to dangerously-high noise levels that can cost them their hearing. In some cases, just one loud noise, such as an explosion, can cause hearing damage.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise has been one of the most common occupational health issues for over a quarter century. About 30 million people are exposed to hazardous noise on the job every year. Sadly, many job-related cases of hearing loss are preventable.

Employers are required by OSHA to abide by regulations regarding the noise levels in areas where people work. These regulations include limiting the level of noise in the workplace and providing adequate hearing protection devices. The agency also requires employers to provide training and information so that workers know how to use the hearing protection equipment properly and are aware of the hazards of exposure to excessive noise.

It can be difficult for employees to know if the noise level in their workplace is dangerously high. OSHA warns that if you experience humming or ringing in your ears or a temporary loss of hearing when you leave work, you may have cause for concern. It also says that if a co-worker cannot hear you unless you shout when the two of you are an arm’s length apart, this may be a sign that the noise level is dangerously loud.

Even partial hearing loss can impact your ability to work safely, or at all, as well as many aspects of your life, including your ability to communicate with family and friends. Unfortunately, the hearing loss that can be caused by prolonged exposure to high noise levels may not be repairable through surgery or helped by hearing aids.

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